Our mission is to provide the most fully functioned, dependable, automated software and services, designed specifically for integrated HOA cash accounting, owner violation and notification, reporting, and management, at the lowest possible price. In so doing, HOA boards and property managers will reduce their operational stress and wasted time, saving money over all other comparable alternatives.

We developed our HOA-e-Solutions proprietary software in 2013 as a small property management company managing 12 HOAs. We did this to streamline communications, accounting, and reporting procedures, integrating where needed, for smoother operations and faster response to owners. And we did this to reduce overhead and provide better value to our boards for the dollars they invested in our services.

In the years since, we have fine-tuned our proven, time-tested software and introduced techniques to make it even easier for self-managed boards and property management people to use it. Once you try it, we hope you will agree, and start a long-term mutually rewarding relationship with us and our program.

Executive Team

We’re a seasoned team of HOA management professionals with experience in all aspects of property management, using a full spectrum of time-tested management procedures to make life easier for you.

We’ve been in your shoes: We have considerable experience serving, and in leading in some cases, our own community HOAs. As such, HOA-e-Solutions is a company run by former board members for board members.

With our time-tested software suite of products, you get the most fully functioned, automated, integrated, cloud-redundant software, designed specifically for back-office accounting and management operations.